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Trying to move virtual disks from one NAS to another. Getting errors

Ryan Haas


First off, my apologies as I am not well versed in this product.  I am trying to clean up things my predecessors have put in place.  One of our clients is running citrix hypervisor on 2 servers which was connected to a nas box running freeNAS.  A synology NAS was put in place to replace the freeNAS and despite what he told our supervisor, things were never migrated off of the freeNAS (hence why i am here).  There are a few things that WERE migrated but not everything. I have never used citrix hypervisor so once again, I apologize for my ignorance.  

Everything seems to be communicating properly and XenCenter sees both NAS devices.  However, when I try to migrate a few virtual disks off, I get errors like:

1) " You attempted an operation on a VM which lacks this feature"

2)  "Not enough server memory is available to perform this operation"

I understand these are generally vague but I honestly dont know where to start looking.  If I can be guided in the right direction, it would be greatly appriciated.


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Getting something handed to you without expertise in it is tough. Hang in there!


First off, which version and edition of XenServer do you have? As it says, some features require more advanced/paid-for versions. Given some VMs have been

evidetly successfully migrated before, this is probably not the issue.


In addition, a VM that hasn't got XenTools properly installed will not migrate properly.


You also need a lot of disk space both on the existing SR as well as the target SR, at least twice the size of the VM's storage.


The second error message may well be that dom0 is configured with too little memory. VM migrations will be challenged. Tun thefrom the CLI the command "top" and see how much memory is allocated to the host as well as how much is in use and how much is free.


What specific errors dis you see in the logs (I'd check in particular in /var/log/SMlog)?


Finally, did you run the migration from from the XenServer GUI console (XenCenter) or the CLI?



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