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Update to VDA 1912 LTSR CU7 - screen freezes suddenly

Maik Ludwig




we have recently updated our infrastructure from 1912 LTSR CU6 to CU7. This has also worked without any problems so far.

However, directly after logging in, the Citrix session freezes for some. Only the image freezes - mouse and keyboard inputs are still accepted.


This problem only occurs when using the Citrix Workspace app in Windows on our devices with VPN.
On the same device directly in our buildings there are no problems and from external (VPN) with this device via an additional Linux machine it also works.

Private computers at home via netscaler also works.

This means that the error occurs exclusively in Windows with the Citrix Workspace app + VPN.
We use the Workspace app 2203 LTSR, but all other versions have the error as well.


BUT, when we roll back our VDAs to 1912 LTSR CU6, the connection works again. The error only occurs with VDA version CU7.
So for now we have put all VDA back to the CU6.


Has anyone ever had such a problem or is anything known in this regard?
Is it bad if we have VDA CU6 but the infrastructure on CU7?


Thanks in advance.

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Actually the plan was to update from 1912 CU6 to 2203 CU2.
But unfortunately our SQL cluster is still running on SQL Server 2012, which is no longer supported by Citrix.
So we did the update to 1912 CU7 until our SQL cluster was upgraded.


Then I will try to open case.

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Unfortunately, we haven't had time to take care of it yet (since the stopgap solution of using VDA CU6 is currently working).
We have to make requests to Citrix via our Citrix IT license provider and they are currently busy converting our licenses to the new licensing model.

Once this is complete we are considering building a new Citrix farm with the latest version.

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We have an almost identical issue only on Server Desktops/XenApp Servers using our Thin Clients. It will randomly freeze just after logon when the desktop loads. I'm goin back to CU6 to see if it resolves, has anyone got anywhere with Citrix on this ? Although CU6 has Security Vulnerabilities so do not want to stay on that.


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14 hours ago, Scott Wilson1709163696 said:

We observed this issue when we updated our VDA's versions to 1912 CU7 from CU6 on Windows Server 2016, after spending some time with citrix support we have a current work around by adding a Citrix policy to turn off HDX Adaptive Transport (i.e. forcing the connection to use TCP) and now no more freezing applications.?

Turning off HDX Adaptive Transport is not a nice solution...

Hopefully they fix it with CU8.

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Not yet, because we are moving to Citrix Cloud DaaS.

But in release notes there is the following fixed issue:


With the Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) protocol enabled, Citrix sessions might freeze when you update a VDA from version 1912 LTSR CU6 to version 1912 LTSR CU7. [CVADHELP-23370]



So it looks like its fixed ?

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