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unable to install the new VDA version on Win10 21h2




Is there anybody to help in an issue to install the new version of the VDA on Win10?


The landscape:

Hybride Citrix Farm: Cloud and On prem VDI infra.

Current VDA on Win10 21h2 : 1912CU6.

MCS provisionning


unistallation of the VDA MAster with VDACleanupUtility: all gone well.

No other Citrix component install: WEM agent uninstalled.


I try to install the VDAWorkstationSetup_2303.exe


During the installation I have the following error message.

Error Id: XDMI:F6AB3134

Exception :
    Error Source : Citrix Studio
    StackTrace: Citrix.MetaInstaller.Exceptions.MetaInstallerException Suppression du produit MSI 'DiscButtonInstaller_x64.msi' ('{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}') a échoué avec le code 'UnknownProduct' (1605).
       à Citrix.MetaInstaller.Msi.RemoveProduct(InstallationContext context, String productCode, String parameters, String msiPath)
       à Citrix.MetaInstaller.Msi.RemoveProductsWithUpgradeCode(InstallationContext context, String upgradeCode, String parameters, String msiPath)
       à Citrix.MetaInstaller.MsiComponent.RemoveProducts(InstallationContext context, Dictionary`2 upgradeCodesToRemove)
       à Citrix.MetaInstaller.MsiComponent.Install(InstallationContext context)
       à Citrix.MetaInstaller.InstallationManager.InstallComponent(IInstallableComponent component, InstallationContext installContext)


(Sorry to be French ?)


it says Deletion of  MSI  product 'DiscButtonInstaller_x64.msi' ('{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}') has failed with code 'UnknownProduct' (1605).


I made several things.


  • SF /Scannown
  • MSIEXEC repair
    • MSIExec /unregister
    • MSIExec /regserver
    • regsvr32.exe /s %windir%system32msi.dll
    • Net start msiserver
  • uninstallation of old Visual C++ redistributable package (2005, 2008 and 2010)
  • pay attention of the permissions on the reg key : "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products"
  • update the system with last patches.


Always the same error message.


Any help would help.






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additionnal info about the log file


18:28:41.7764       : XenDesktopSetup:Component: Gestion de Citrix ICA, MSI full path: C:\Windows\TEMP\Ctx-CD02DEE6-DBE9-4A46-8570-39D2C80B4504\Extract\Image-Full\x64\Virtual Desktop Components\WS\IcaManagement_x64.msi
18:28:41.7774       : XenDesktopSetup:Removing product DiscButtonInstaller_x64.msi with upgrade code {8B2A71EC-26E8-4479-9FD6-981977A00531}
18:28:41.7814       : XenDesktopSetup:About to remove MSI with product code '{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}' (DiscButtonInstaller_x64) using parameters ''
18:28:41.7814       : XenDesktopSetup:Starting synchronous process 'msiexec' with args '/x "{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}" /lv "C:\Users\local_ctxadmin\Temp\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer\MSI Log Files\DiscButtonInstaller_x64_uninstall1912383263.txt" /quiet  REBOOT=ReallySuppress REBOOTPROMPT=Suppress'
18:28:41.8044       : XenDesktopSetup:Process output:
18:28:41.8774       : XenDesktopSetup:C e t t e   a c t i o n   e s t   v a l i d e   u n i q u e m e n t   p o u r   l e s   p r o d u i t s   d Ú j Ó   i n s t a l l Ú s .
18:28:41.8774       : XenDesktopSetup:
18:28:41.8814       : XenDesktopSetup:
18:28:41.8834       : XenDesktopSetup:Process completed with error code 0x00000645
18:28:41.9124 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:message format "Suppression du produit MSI 'DiscButtonInstaller_x64.msi' ('{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}') a échoué avec le code 'UnknownProduct' (1605)." failed:
System.FormatException: L'index (de base zéro) doit être supérieur ou égal à zéro et inférieur à la taille de la liste des arguments.
   à System.Text.StringBuilder.AppendFormatHelper(IFormatProvider provider, String format, ParamsArray args)
   à System.Text.StringBuilder.AppendFormat(IFormatProvider provider, String format, Object[] args)
   à Citrix.MetaInstaller.Log.Trace(LogSourceModule source, TraceFunction traceFunction, String format, Object[] args)




18:28:42.8424 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Call to C:\Windows\TEMP\Ctx-CD02DEE6-DBE9-4A46-8570-39D2C80B4504\Extract\Image-Full\x64\XenDesktop Setup\CitrixMsiLogAnalyzer.exe with parameters -msilogfile "C:\Users\local_ctxadmin\Temp\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer\MSI Log Files\DiscButtonInstaller_x64_uninstall1912383263.txt" -mode 0 -sessionid ed2b656a-06ed-4af1-9ff2-c21f363f95c4 did not create json file C:\Users\local_ctxadmin\Temp\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer\MSI Log Files\DiscButtonInstaller_x64_uninstall1912383263.json
18:28:42.8434 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Failed to install component 'Gestion de Citrix ICA'. Suppression du produit MSI 'DiscButtonInstaller_x64.msi' ('{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}') a échoué avec le code 'UnknownProduct' (1605).
18:28:42.8434 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Recording installation failure. Suppression du produit MSI 'DiscButtonInstaller_x64.msi' ('{4319ACF1-089F-4874-854A-906F13A9E532}') a échoué avec le code 'UnknownProduct' (1605).
18:28:42.8434 PROC  : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Exit

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