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Incorrect Delivery Group in Director




after migrating from 1912 LTSR CU5 to 2203 LTRS CU2 the information in Citrix Director is showing the correct Delivery Group for some machines.


Additional Info: We do a rolling reboot by moving machines to a maintenance Delivery Group and when doing the reboot we switch the machines back. Only machines which are restartet after midnight show the wrong DG in Director. We have already created a new, empty Monitoring Database which didn't solve the problem.


Any ideas?

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Question, why not simply put the machines into Maintenance Mode.

We do this by putting half of our servers into MM several hours before the scheduled reboot time. We change them around 9pm and the reboot is around 5 am, so attrition takes care of the sessions logging out.

Then we have another process that puts them back into production about 30 minutes after the boot.

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