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QuickBooks Online Not Working in Citirx

Cody Mudrack


We are having trouble with running QuickBooks Online inside of our Citrix Desktop (Windows 10). We are accessing this through Chrome (Version 110) and when we try to log in, it just says "Access Denied". We have over 75 users and none can get in.  On our local machines, it works fine, but we cannot ask our users to flip back and forth between Citrix and their local machine. 


I've contacted Intuit numerous times about this and the best they can give me is that something in the Citrix environment is causing their system to block our access. Some security measure or something. 


Has anyone heard of this or is having similar trouble? We have a work around now where we published QBO from our XenApp Server (which it works on for some reason), but we cannot do that forever.


Any help is appreciated. 

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