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Error Publishing Print Driver

Ryan Parsons



I'm having issues getting a print driver to work using app layering.

The print driver is installed in the app layer alongside the application utilizing it. The driver works fine when we have the layer open but as soon as we publish the image it gives me the error below.

Status: Driver is unavailable

The driver also does not appear in device manager once the layer has been published.



Driver is unavailable.PNG

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I'm having a similar driver issue, running ELM Version, Windows 10 22H2, VAD 2203 LTSR CU2.


It's a desk phone virtual USB driver, no issues in the individual app layer, but when I publish it with just the OS and Platform layers, the device and driver do not show up.

It's not layered elastically. I've had no issue with this in previous ELM versions, I'm wondering if it's an issue with this latest version.


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