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Can a Server OS be set up as a Machine Catalog and Delivery Group with 1 user assigned per VM?

Jimmy Raborn


We have a need to create a training lab environment for engineers. The desired environment is this:
MS Windows 2019 Master Image with a clean lab environment on it in PVS. 
Machine Catalog with 10 non persistent images assigned to specific users.  No UPM.

Users will be published a Desktop and changes exist on the machine they're assigned until the Server OS is rebooted at the end of their training.


I've attempted to set this up several times but either the VMs work like a normal "random" app server environment or not at all.

VMs show up on the Server tab and users get assigned a random machine or VMs show up on the Desktop Tab, I can assign a specific user to each VM but the VMs never register.

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