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DaaS/Azure: How to distribute FSlogix file share in multiple subscription

Suman Kumar Saurabh


 I am going to deploy Citrix VDIs on Azure for 10,000 users.
One subscription support only 2500 VDIs so will be using 4 different subscriptions.
One Azure file share support up to 100 TB so it can handle around 2500 users with 40 GB disk each. So it requires 4-5 file shares.

All the 10,000 VDIs will be in same OU, how can i define multiple file shares for the users?
I know one way to create 4 different OUs or 4 different GPOs and link to Computer group but i am looking for best way to do it. Please assist.


Also need to plan for future expansion as well.

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10 hours ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



Take a look at this:



Users get spread across multiple shares. 

Thanks for sharing the link but looking for simple enterprise level solution for cloud cache. I went through the script and found it re-write registry all the time either in user login or task scheduler

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