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HTML5 connections to Virtual Aps:

Bril licenses


HTML5 client error in session log:

 SESSION:|:ICA:|:TRANSPORT:|:DRIVER:|:error with code=18 , name=SecurityError , message=The operation is insecure


As per the Citrix Support article it says for this issues one of the 2 below solutions should work. I cannot use solution 1 now.

so I configured the connections to go through NetScaler ADC. the issue persists.

if i am using Workspace client all connections are OK.


I even tried enabling the firewall setting to all not secure communication over html.


Solution 1 is to enable SSL on the VDA using the following guide:

This will ensure that the connection path is SSL enabled between the internal client and the VDA.
Solution 2 is to have your connections from the clients first go through a Citrix Gateway. Citrix Gateway will proxy the connections and perform a SSL handshake between the client and the Citrix Gateway.  In this scenario there is no inconsistency and connections via HTML5 Receiver will succeed.

after firefox setting change.log Notepad++.log

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thanks Jeff for the response.


attached is my http profile. I have tried including the all websockets option but the issue persists. and ofcourse I am using this with ICP proxy.

Although I am not quite use my ICA proxy setting is effective. because I realize even if I am using the Workspace app and not the html the established sessions are directly from the client IP to VDA. so how exactly is my ADC doing a proxy for ICA connection? i dont know



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