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Workspace App latest for Linux : Cannot connect to - only when using Mobile Phone Tethering/AccessPoint ( wifi/USB/Bluetooth )

yan mer



Workspace App latest for Linux : ( Error popup when clicking the app in the portal )


Cannot connect to " - AppName" :

Address family not supported by protocol. Verify your connection settings and try again.




only when using Mobile Phone Data connection ( 3g/4g/LTE) Tethering/AccessPoint ( wifi/USB/Bluetooth )


Tried known workarounds :

ProxyUseFQDN=Off is already off

I reverted back to 13.8


Also tried this from the solutions online : ( but I didnt expect it to work, since it works when Linux OS has internet connectivity through normal ISP wifi/ethernet )

replaced /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

by a symlink to : /etc/ssl/certs

also trieed a symlink to : /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla


both didnt worked, also those target directories were populated with certificates



Please let me know if you have a fix for this issue, or how we can proceed to diagnose it further

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I tested with

- two different laptop dell and lenovo

- three different OS Windows 10 , Linux Mint, Android

- many different internet connections, ISP Wifi, ISP wired, 4g mobile Tethering USB/Bluetooth/Wifi AP


The only combination showing the issue is Linux + mobile Tethering

I suspect the Citrix Client for Linux having an issue, since all the rest of internet connectivity is working fine on linux + mobile tethering


I want to take this to Citrix Tech support, how could I contact the right support technical group for Linux version of the Workspace App ?

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The bug seems to affect Citrix Portal / Citrix Workspace App Client under Linux ONLY when Mobile Phone's APN is IPv6

When I force it back to IPv4, its working


Yesterday I tested with 3 other mobiles iphones and android, none of them exhibited the issue ( they were APN IPv4 only )


- This issue does not manifest under Windows10 or Android ( even when APN is IPv6 )

- All other Linux network communication works fine, only citrix client/portal is affected ( While APN is IPv6 )


To reproduce the issue :

With Linux, connect to the internet through a Mobile with IPv6 on the APN, confirm the mobile obtains a IPv6 address in "Mobile Network Diagnostics" screen

Reload the Citrix portal, and click to download/launch  the .ica


Citrix Support, can you bring this issue to Dev team to have them fix the Linux Client so that it will work like the WIndows/Android one

even when there is IPv6 used upstream in between it and the portal ?


thanks !








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I found the problem is fixed when I disable IPv6 on Linux OS

Then, it doesnt matter if it is used on the AP, it wont use it

Two ways to disable it, with sysctl or this :

nmcli con mod 95b13bee-9ebd-442e-8eb3-66a8816f6535 ipv6.method disabled

nmcli con 95b13bee-9ebd-442e-8eb3-66a8816f6535 up


route -6 will then not show this route for IPv6

[::]/0                         _gateway                   UG   600 9     0 wlp2s0

this confirms IPv6 will not be used


I can confirm tested this on Windows with IPv6 routing enabled, it works


Why IPv6 support not yet working in Linux for citrix ?

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