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Version 23.02 of Workspace faulty?

Heiner Kruumlger




in my previous question I complained about missing USB support (https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/418231-workspace-app-for-linux-no-usb-support/). This problem seems to be related or even the same.


Problem is, that MS-Teams does not work for me within Citrix. My microphone and webcam are not detected. I thought that this is a problem with my Linux Distibution (Manjaro) and the Citrix package for it (from AUR). So I tested the tarball. But to no avail...


So, I tested Citrix Workspace version 23.02 with Ubuntu and Fedora. But they have the same problem. (I cannot make videocall with MS-Team within Citrix). 


If I use an older Citrix Workspace - version 21.09. - MS-Teams videocalls work like a charm. (There are some other folks having the same problem - see: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/icaclient)


Is there a problem with the newest Linux version of Citrix Workspace and MS-Teams?




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