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PVS target devices intermittently unresponsive

Steffen Valentin1709160582


Hello everybody,


for about 3 month now, we are facing an issue with our pvs targets.


The targets become unresponsive. Citrix Studio shows unregistred.

You can no longer logon from the vsphere console as ctrl + alt + del is not recognized.

vCenter does not show IP and fqdn anymore for the target device.


The only temporary solution is to reset the virtual machine and boot it again.


It seems as somehow the machines are going to sleep or hibernation. But everything like this is disabled.


Our environment looks like this:


We have 3 PVS farms containing 2 PVS servers each (Windows Server 2019). PVS Version is 2203 LTSR CU2


These 3 farms contain about 50 target devices in total.


The target device OS is Windows Server 2019.

Target device drivers we used 1912 CU1 / 2203 CU1 / 2203 CU2. All with the same issue.

Hypervisor version is VMware 7.0.3 and VMware Tools 12130


Not all server stop responding at the same time. Some servers seem to work fine.

The server stop responding with and without user connected to them. Often the stop in the first 30 minutes after booting.


We also have a call open with Citrix. But the only thing they could see from memory dumps is that the image seems not to be reachable anymore at this time.


We also disable all firewalls between PVS servers and targets and uninstalled anti virus software. Everthing without improvement.


Citrix support also wanted us to check cache partition space. But there has always been enough space free.


Does anyone had a similar behavior before?

Does anyone have an idea wht to check next?


Any idea is appreciated.


Thanks in advance. 



Have to add:


We tested with servers booting locally from the reversed image. This way the problem did not occur.

So it seems to be PVS specific.


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Are your event logs set to go to the persistent drive?  There may be some service or something dying there, possibly Windows itself having the issue instead of the PVS engine.


Have you applied all the best practice for non-persistent and provisioned environments?  I have GPO and WEM examples of these up on my site if you want to compare what works for me.








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Hello everybody,
@Steffen Valentin, did you manage to solve this problem?
We are experiencing the same issue on one of our sites: target devices and provisioning servers are 1912 CU4.
We don't have any problem with retries or with free space on cache drives.
The only difference from your description is that our targets become unresponsive not in the first 30 minutes after booting but randomly.
Reboot always helps.

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I ran into a similar issue at 2 different clients.


Check the install date of the Visual C++  2015-2022.  If it shows as being installed after your VDA, you will need to remove your VDA.  Remove Visual C++.  And then reinstall the VDA and let it install C++.


At both clients when they install a Microsoft Servicing Stack update it re-installed the Visual C++ components.  Even though they were the exact same version their VDA and other software didn't work correctly.  They needed to have the C++ installed first as part of the pre-requisites before their application was installed.  The reinstall after that app and VDA were installed caused them to crash, and unregister.

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