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HdxRtcEngine consistently crashes within 20 seconds after someone on teams starts screen sharing

Andrii Butenko


Happens on a single host machine in my network.  Other hosts have no issues working with the same VDA
steps to reproduce:

  1. have a 1 to 1 or group call over MSTeams from Citrix Workspace. 
  2. ask someone to share screen
  3. wait 20-30 seconds

result: im getting kicked out of meeting. no errors reported. the call window simply closes/dissapears


not reproducible if im the one sharing screen


It was discovered that HdxRtcEngine on this host crashes when trying to set up videoOverlay:


[118.407] Feb 16 12:12:10.284 webrtcapi.RTCPeerConnection Info: OnSignalingChange. signaling state = Stable
[122.190] Feb 16 12:12:14.67 webrtcapi.VideoViewport Info: createOverlay. create video element overlay (id = video-overlay-0)!
[122.190] Feb 16 12:12:14.67 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Info: parent changed, setParent, _hwnd = 00000000, parent hwnd = 2060a.
[122.190] Feb 16 12:12:14.67 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Error: setParent. GetParent() failed with error 0x578.
[122.190] Feb 16 12:12:14.67 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Info: isTransparent.
[122.191] Feb 16 12:12:14.68 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Info: isTransparent. override reg key:-1, check:0
[122.191] Feb 16 12:12:14.68 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Info: isTransparent. transparent:1
[122.192] Feb 16 12:12:14.69 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Info: create. Successfully created VideoElement window, handle: 000505E8
[122.206] Feb 16 12:12:14.83 webrtcapi.WinVideoElementWindow Info: parent changed, setParent, _hwnd = 000505E8, parent hwnd = 2060a.
[122.222] Feb 16 12:12:14.99 webrtcapi.VideoElementOverlay Info: attachTrack. attach track video track-id = applicationsharingVideo-e91e222d-a48a-45d1-92e6-490b838b08ea label = video-track
[122.222] Feb 16 12:12:14.99 webrtcapi.MediaFoundationVideoRenderer Info: setWindowMessageSource. set new message source, label = <none>
[122.222] Feb 16 12:12:14.99 webrtcapi.VideoOverlay Info: CreateRenderer. use DirectShow renderer as a main renderer
[122.223] Feb 16 12:12:14.100 webrtcapi.RPCStubs Info: connectTo. overlay-id = video-overlay-0 track-id = applicationsharingVideo-e91e222d-a48a-45d1-92e6-490b838b08ea
[122.237] Feb 16 12:12:14.114 webrtcapi.DxVideoRenderer Info: configure. label = applicationsharingVideo-e91e222d-a48a-45d1-92e6-490b838b08ea window = 329192 frame-width = 1920 frame-height = 1080
[122.612] Feb 16 12:12:14.489 webrtcapi.TimeoutWatchdog Warning: VideoElementOverlay. took too many time, interval = 333333us current-interval = 375956us


I also have minidumps of the crash(call stack is identical to all crashes), but can't attach here.


Please help to fix or circumvent this issue 

Screenshot 2023-02-16 185725.jpg


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