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Rocky Linux 9.0 VDA 2301

Jeff Riechers


Has anyone been able to get VDA 2301 to install on Rocky Linux 9?  


2212 works, but when trying to install 2301 it gets a SELinux module version error.  It looks like it might have built on 9.1.


I think I solved it.  Found a reference to libesepol needing to be updated.  


dnf --enablerepo=devel install libsepol-static

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Yeah, love finding those buried in the docs.


I am still trying to get 2301 to work with a gpu on Rocky Linux.  Show registered gets a grey screen, then disconnects.  I made sure to go down the disable Wayland and Nvidia gnome settings.  And it looks correct in  that there is no screen in esxi like windows does, but still can't connect.


Anyone know where I can look based on this vda log output?


Ok,  I was able to get it to work on 2301, but it was a bit of a chore.  Lots of snapshots and reverting.


1. Install 9.0 and lock the system to only install updates and software from the 9.0 archive.

2. Install the EPEL repositories.

3. Install the Nvidia vgpu drivers, disable wayland, blacklist nouveau and setup initrfs, modify gnome.  If this is done correct your VM will no longer be accessible from vcenter, putty only.

4. Install Linux VDA 2212 and test

5. Install selinux update from above.

6. Install Linux VDA 2301

7. Make sure nothing else 9.1 gets installed.  As that will not allow connections, just a grey screen.

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