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Streaming vdisks stops when Streaming services stopped on 2 of 4 PVS servers

Mike Gallagher


We recently added 2 Windows 2019 Citrix PVS servers to our PVS farm (which was Windows 2012 R2) as part of a migration off of 2012 R2. We've already migrated 2 PVS farms using this same method.


The installation went fine and the new servers have been able to stream vdisks to the VDAs without any issues.


When we went to remove the Windows 2012 PVS servers from the farm, all streaming of vdisks ceased after the Streaming Service was shut down on both of the original PVS servers in preparation for their removal. Once I started the streaming services back up on the "old" servers, streaming resumed to all 4 PVS server .


I've configured the bootstrap from the database on each of the new servers. I'm not quite sure that I'm missing.


Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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1 hour ago, Carl Fallis said:

How are the targets being booted, are they using PXE, ISO or BDM boot partition?   So basically, it looks like the targets are still just using the old 2012 IP addresses to login into the PVS servers. 


The VDAs are provisioned to boot via BDM.  All of my sites are configured the same and this is the third migration I've performed. Never had this issue before.


Thanks for your response.

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