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Profiles on AWS FSx storage

Greg Dixon1709162493


We using FsLogix with our AWS hosted DaaS. The issue we are seeing is that random users are not having their profiles saved. The error logs show that the storage was unavailable when the user logged on, so the end up creating a local profile which gets wiped at log off.


This is the first time I have used AWS to host, and therefore the first time I have used FSx. I am confused by how the storage is setup in DNS. 2 A records are being created for the FSx storage DNS name. One has the preferred storage IP, the other the standby storage IP. To me that looks like a conflict. And since the back up storage is not available unless it is failed over to, I believe that this may be the reason that some users are unable to create a profile on it when logging in. Normally I would expect some sort of VIP infront of the storage that we point the VM's to, then the storage handles fail over behind that.


What am I missing?

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