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No Longer Able to Use Soft Phone when working from home

Gavin Nolan




For about 2 years I have been working from home and able to just log into work via the Citrix App on my person device - accessing the remote/virtual workstation, or whatever it's called.


Everything worked fine until around November when I was no longer able to get sound (hear or others hear me) when using the Mitel phone system our company uses (via Citrix).

However, sound is fine when using Microsoft Teams for company meetings - again, via Citrix remote working solution.


Our IT team have look at things and cannot see why this is happening, so I have decided to try here in case it's an issue with my personal device.


I am not aware of any changes to settings on my PC.

It's a relatively powerful (gaming SPEC) desktop, windows 10.


Any idea what might be causing the audio issue?

Thanks in advance

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