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Using name-label of VM over UUID



I know this is possible by embedding the vm-list, or similar, command within another command, but I can't find it for the life of me.  For example, rather than using the UUID for the following command:


xe vm-param-set uuid=fdaf01c5-3c41-478f-910d-fcf1b2e1538a affinity=25533e7a-4263-4c4f-8951-8d2ef9ed7245


You would use something like this:


xe vm-param-set uuid='xe vm-list name-label=server1' affinity=25533e7a-4263-4c4f-8951-8d2ef9ed7245


I'm not sure of what goes in the uuid= parameter, it may not be an XE command at all, but do know there is a way to use the name-label over the UUID.


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