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Transition from PXE and streaming in separate VLAN to BDM and streaming a single VLAN

David Rosenthal


We currently have 2 multi homed PVS (1912 CU5) servers.  Each have a NIC in the productive client VLAN for normal connectivity, and one in a non-routed "PVS VLAN" for PXE and streaming. Target devices also have this configuration.  Also, we have PXE in the client VLAN for OS deployment, so we can't use PVS PXE there.


I would like to transition from this configuration to a single NIC one. Again, PVS PXE cannot be used here. I'd like to use either the ISO or BDM partition. I attempted to bind the stream services to the production VLAN on both PVS servers.  I created an ISO file having the two servers statically in the Login Server list, and Citrix ISO Image Recorder as the boot device. I then cloned the normal PVS VM template, removed the PVS Nic, added the ISO to the VM, and converted it back to a template.  After creating a new target device, it booted, but was unable to login to the server.  The message was "Login request timed out!"


What would be the best way to transition from the current to the desired state, without having to create reservations or loosing connectivity in the "PVS VLAN"?





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There isn't enough info here to guess what is wrong, but your approach looks correct at a high level. Some things to look at:

  • is the stream service actually listening on the production NIC on the PVS servers (netstat)
  • Is the target actually trying to connect to the right address (should be output on the console at boot time)
  • Are you using BIOS or UEFI? Both should work but debugging is different... plus BIOS is deprecated and will be removed in a coming release.
  • Boot a master VM created from the target running from a local disk and check that it can get to the PVS server. Actually creating a new master VM, installing the target drivers and running the imaging wizard will show you for sure if PVS traffic is working.


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Hi Simon.  Thanks for the questions.

Yes.  The service is listening. I did see communication from a target device to the PVS in Wireshark on the production network, and the server did answer it. (But the client didn't boot.)

Yes, but... When Wireshark showed me the communication, the console did show it connecting to that PVS, but sometimes it shows it trying to connect to a PVS VLAN IP, which can't work, as it's non-routed.


I'll have to try that

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