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Log ICA RTT and ICA latency in Director or via Powershell



Is there a way to log the ICA-RTT and ICA-Latency for the User Sessions?

I've got a Customer that is complaining for bad Performance in the Sessions from time to time.

Every Time i have a look there is no Problem and everything they tell me points to high Latency Sessions.

There for i would like to log the Latency every couple of seconds.


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you have to execute WMI query on every VDA.


# modify ctxbroker, vdaserver, domain...

$ctx_all_sessions=Get-BrokerSession -AdminAddress $ctxbroker -MaxRecordCount 800
#nur LAN user
$ctx_all_sessions | where {$_.ReceiverName -notlike 'WR_*' -and $_.SessionState -eq 'Active'}
$ctx_connected_SiteX=$ctx_connected | Where-Object {$_.machinename -like '*vdaserver*'}

foreach ($user in $ctx_connected_SiteX) {
    $rdpsession=Get-RemoteRdpSession -computer $($user.dnsname) -state ACTIVE
    foreach ($session in $rdpsession) {
        if ($session.username -eq ($user.username).ToLower().Replace('domain\','')) {
            $ctxwmidetails=Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $($user.dnsname) -Credential $cred -Namespace root\Citrix\euem -Query "select * from Citrix_Euem_RoundTrip where sessionid=$($session.state)" | select SessionID,RoundtripTime,NetworkLatency
            $ICARTTsum=$ICARTTsum + $($ctxwmidetails.RoundtripTime)
            Write-Output "- wmi: $($session.computername) $($session.username) $($session.state) $($ctxwmidetails.sessionid) $($ctxwmidetails.RoundtripTime) $($ctxwmidetails.NetworkLatency)"
        } # end if user = user...
    } # end foreach $session in $rdpsession
} #end foreach user in ctx LAN connected
if ($ICARTTsum -eq 0) { $ICARTTsum=0 } else { $ICARTTavg=[math]::round($ICARTTsum/$counterUser) }
$ICARTTavg | Out-File -Encoding ASCII -append $log_ctx_icartt


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You can also get this data from Citrix Director - you can find ICA RTT (fetched every 5 mins) in UI when analyzing a session; see: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/director/site-analytics.html#monitor-sessions. IcaRttMS is available in SessionMetrics table for last hour - as shown in image below. You can find schema details here:  https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/monitor-service-odata-api/en/latest/api-schema.pdf 


You can query the SessionMetrics table using OData API or providing OData query in Director/Monitor UI (in Trends > Custom Report). Below is a sample OData v3 query you can use in Custom Reports in Director/Monitor UI - to get ICA RTT for user called Alfreds in time specified.

SessionMetrics?$filter = CreatedDate ge datetime'2022-12-15T04:53:51' and CreatedDate le datetime'2022-12-15T06:53:51' and substringof('Alfreds', Session/User/UserName ) eq true & $select=IcaRttMS&$expand = Session,Session/User


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