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Dual Monitor issue with Workspace V 22.12 with Win 11 and Intel UHD Graphic 730.

hoy teoh


I upgraded My PC with Win 11 and Intel UHD Graphic 730  and I am having issue with Workspace V 22.12. I have two monitors and I RDP to my workstation. The secondary Monitor would freeze and also when I drag a window to seconday, it would not display. To fix, I have to move my mouse to secondary monitor then it will refresh the content. After awhile it freezed again. Any idea?

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I know some multi monitor issues caused by different screen resolutions and DPI scaling settings across the monitors. Maybe your issue is related to this. 
Do you have different resolutions and/or different DPI scaling settings across the monitors? 
If the issue is caused by different resolution or DPI scaling settings, I would recommend to use the “Client-side scaling” mode, please refer  to https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX230017/configuration-of-dpi-matching-and-clientside-scaling-with-citrix-workspace-app-for-windows

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