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Extend VM disk on Citrix Hypervisor using powershell

Kid Kooijmans1709160840




I'm trying to extend to extend a disk of a VM using the Hypervisor 8.2 powershell SDK. I can't seem to find a way.


I have set up a connection and read the VM I want to edit the disk of.


$VMs = get-xenvm  | where {$_.name_label.StartsWith("VMName")}

foreach($VM in $VMs){

    $VBDrefs = $VM.VBDs
    foreach($VBDref in $VBDrefs){
        $VBD = Get-XenVBD -Ref $VBDref
        $VDI = Get-XenVDI -Ref $VBD.VDI
        if($VDI.name_label -eq $VM.name_label + " 0"){ 
           $VirtualSize = ($GB * 120)

           Set-XenVDI -VDI $VDI .... --> there is no option to set the new size of the disk here



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