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PVS Target Devices are being assigned Static DNS IPs

Jimmy Raborn


Our master images for virtual desktops and app servers are set for automatic DHCP and DNS but when the Target devices boot, they have a static DNS Setting as show in the attachment. 
We have new DNS servers and this wouldn't normally be a concern but the addresses are for our old DNS servers which are scheduled to be decommissioned. 

I've checked for GPOs setting the NameServers and I've been through many menus in PVS looking for a setting to configure this but if there is one, I have not founnd it. 

Our network administrators say that DHCP Scope Option 6 is not set. I've also tried shutting down some of my desktops and updating the BDM Partition. When the vms boot, the correct DNS is in the info during pre-boot but once the VM is in Windows, it's wrong. I feel like I'm missing something in PVS but can't find it... Any suggestions?


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I've gone through my startup scripts on my Win 10 desktops, there's nothing DNS related. My App Servers don't have any startup scripts.  I checked Task Scheduler. Nothing modifies DNS.  I've done an RSOP on desktops and servers, gone through them thoroughly and the GPO to set the NameServer value is not set, nor is it applied by a registry key. I have persistent VMs in the same OU structure as the non-persistent VMs, so if it was GPO, they should be impacted as well. 

*** Update ***

I found the solution in a discussion post by Ross Faverty. 

In PVS: 
Right-click the top layer (Provisioning Services Console)

Click "Create a Boot Device..."

Click Next (your logon servers are probably already defined)

Click Next (your options are probably already defined)

Specify your new DNS Server Addresses and domain name.

In the drop down, select "Citrix ISO Image Recorder". 

Click "Burn".

Select a save location then click Save. 


If you go back into "Create a Boot Device..." your new DNS settings will have stuck. 

Shut down some target devices, select them, right click them, select "Target Device", then "Update BDM Partitions..."

Boot them back up when the wizard is done and enjoy your new DNS settings.






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You are not missing anything -- there is nothing in PVS that would do this. What actually happens is that the IP configuration setup in the master VM when the image is created is used in all target VMs. There must be some other process going on here (such as GPOs) that is changing this.


Sometimes we can LOSE configuration setup in the master VM but there is nothing in PVS that would actively set it to a non default value like this.



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