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Creating new signatures

William Olmstead


I am trying to create new signatures but running into problems.  On the GUI it just spins when I hit the "OK" button (i am on NS12.1 58.14.nc) so I figured out that there is a cli command to import signatures:


import appfw signatures <src> <name> [-xslt <string>] [-comment <string>] [-overwrite] [-merge] [-sha1 <string>]


but with the above command, I am getting the following.  I assume it is just syntax that I am missing, but can't figure it out.


import appfw signatures local:/root/voiceconfig_af.xml csn-WAF


Nov  9 15:07:25 <local0.warn> x.x.x.x 11/09/2022:15:07:25 GMT nsname02 0-PPE-0 : default APPFW Message 0 0 :  "Failed to download tmp_filepath: url='local:/root/voiceconfig_af.xml', file='/var/download/custom/_tmp.1668006445.689554/csn-waf.tmp' " 
Nov  9 15:07:25 <local0.info> x.x.x.x 11/09/2022:15:07:25 GMT nsname02 02 0-PPE-0 : default CLI CMD_EXECUTED 11409794 0 :  User usernam- Remote_ip x.x.x.x - Command "import appfw signatures "local:/root/voiceconfig_af.xml" csn-WAF" - Status "ERROR: Problem in importing the object. Please check the DNS NameServer/Route settings and try again. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file" 



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On 11/12/2022 at 12:22 AM, Manjunath Murugan said:

To import locally,


  • Copy your signature to /var/tmp/
    • scp nsroot@ip:/var/tmp/voiceconfig_af.xml
  • Execute the following import command,
    •  import appfw signatures local:voiceconfig_af.xml new_obj_name




Thank you for this.  I will keep this command in my back pocket.



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