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How to get details behind xe task-list

Chirag Katbamna


Hello all, 


I have a small cluster where I have activities taking place from Cloudstack. As such, sometimes I am unable to determine which task is associated with which activity.

Most common issue is when I have to do Volume Migrate. If I have more than one running, it is only guess work as to which one is which. 

If I started two volume migrate (example from one NFS to another NFS), only way I have to identify which task is which is by manually looking for the start times, and then guess as to what is what. 


xe task-list gives very high level info, but I cannot determine what resource is the task acting upon. I am sure there is some nifty command somewhere which I have yet to discover... 


Any help is apprecaited! 


I  looked through the docs already, and specific to xe task-list, there is only parameters, but no way to get more details than the 4 lines I see (an example below). 



Example - output - here is all I see - I would like to know which VDI (or VHD) is it associated with?

# xe   task-list
uuid ( RO)                : 001dc5db-326f-4ee3-1245-a537a18850c9
          name-label ( RO): Async.VDI.copy
    name-description ( RO):
              status ( RO): pending
            progress ( RO): 0.760


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