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SDX 15120 50G ADC sizing

Chuck Snyder

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Does anyone know of a best practices for core, ram, ACU/SCU to ADC appliances.  


These are used mostly for SSL Gateway ICA Proxy but I cant seem to find any best practices for sizing these settings on number of ICA sessions or SSL transactions.   


I have 2 ADC pairs running on each SDX.   One is in the DMZ hosting approx 3.5k sessions concurrent and doing a double hope to the Internal pair.   The internal pair hosts approx 6k ICA Proxy session.


Both are set to 4core dedicated 16GB RAM and 12k ACU and 12k SCU.    But these are all guesses and cant seem to find anything that says for x number of this you should be doing this.



Any help would be great!  Thanks.

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