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Citrix Cloud user credential error

David Ramos1709163628


Hello. In the company we recently implemented the migration to Citrix Cloud services hybrid mode. On-premises we have the applications, 2x cloud connector on win server 2019 and 2 x active directory on win server 2019, in addition to the storefront. The problem we have in this new migration is that when users enter the credential in citrix cloud (domainx.cloud.com), there are times when it is successful but at other times they cannot enter. There are two errors indicated:


a) "Wrong username or password" 

b) a small window is displayed that says "the request cannot be completed".


We create the case to Citrix but it closed indicating data network issues.


The data flow of this implementation is as follows:


Virtual machines in ESX i from VMWare for 2x cloud connector and 2x active directory → FW fortinet virtual→VPN tunnel gre→FW fortinet in DC→FW fortinet edge→Internet (citrix cloud).


Note: when you go back and the entire local or on-premises platform remains (Netscaler, VDA, etc.) the platform works 100% Ok.

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Hello David, 


Let's try to bounce some ideas and hopefully we can get you all sorted.

How are your users getting to your storefront stores, are your users internal or external?

How many storefront servers do you have? Are these load balanced under a GLSB or VIP?


Have you checked your Storefront logs located in Event Viewer, Citrix Delivery Services, this may be something like a loopback communication set to on, and causing the connection to drop due to SSL certificate being invalid. 


You can confirm the following by;

  1. Connect to the Storefront server | Select Store
  2. In the right pane select Manage Receiver for Web Sites
  3. Click Configure | Advanced Settings
  4. From the Enable loopback communication drop-down list choose OnUsingHttp

Let me know how you get on!


Hope this helps, 


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