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Citrix WAF Custom Error Page

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Which violations? 

Not all violation redirect to the blocked page.  

Edit (to add): and what format is the blocked page in:  imported error page or a redirect to a relative path or an absolute path?


1) MOST request time violations redirect to blocked page on a "BLOCK" action:   start url, deny url, buffer overflow, sql and xss injection. Etc.

2) However, Cookie Consistency check on violation BLOCKs attack by stripping cookie from request and does NOT redirect to error page. Request proceeds to server but without manipulated cookie.  If TRANSFORM is used, then cookies in response are rewritten to prevent the attack in the first place.  (Here, transform and block are non-overlapping).

You will see a cookie consistency BLOCK action logged BUT no redirect to blocked page.


3) Response time checks like Safe Object and Credit Card protection BLOCK on violation by terminating the response.  Too late in the response time flow to trigger a redirect.


Also, if your block violations are on specific objects in the request, you may see the "block" log event and the "block" redirect if looking in a web header viewer, but it may not change the view in the browser if its only some dependent objects and not the main content.


Any security check not set to "BLOCK" will not redirect and will either observe (block off, but logging on) or transform if enabled which will alter the request or the response to meet the requirements.





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You won't see this error page being displayed on the browser in case of non-html objects like images. These images will simply not display, css will not work (HTML error objects usually return a 200 OK, so these blocked css files will be "corrupt" from perspective of the browser, you might set an other status like 418 (I'm a tea pot) instead of 200 (Ok))




Johannes Norz


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