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Citrix Desktop Service - The session was disconnected - ID 1049

Erwin Vos


We are using Citrix DAAS connected to Microsoft Azure. We created a MultiUser Windows 10 MCS environment for our users. We notice that sometimes a session is suddenly disconnected. In the event log we see a ID 1049 'The session 'session' was disconnected. We can normally reconnect and the session is still there. 

It is a Windows 10 Azure marketplace image with software installed which we use, like App-V, Ivanti etc. We had also an image without this software and also there it happened. 


In event viewer we dont see other referring ID messages in the event viewer. What could be the issue? 

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Iam sure you have checked but thought to reiterate
1. Check the Machine Catalog Type (Multi Session) - Create a test Machine catalog and give it a try 

2. Check the VDA on the machine - run Health check Citrix Health Assistant


I found some similar problems but with WIndows Server not Win10


The information provided is not sufficient to explxre more, kindly share 



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We saw that the RDS licensing is unknown for our Multi User Windows 10 and is in grace period. The policy is applied but it looks like Win10 Multi Session uses other licenses than we expected. We configured Server 2016 and 2019 and thought that Win10 Must would get the licensed from there. But we have to solve this first before we can go further. 

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