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Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43520

Sasi Tzdaka


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Internal Server Error on the CS vserver is usually a sign that there is no destination for the traffic.

So, before you add the WAF profile, does your traffic hitting the content switch work are there any unmatched requests?  

Do you have a default destination for cs set or not?


First thing you may need to do is look at a web browser request/response tool and see which requests return 200 OK responses and which ones return 503 or other errors.  Solve CS first, then move to appfw.


How is your CS being done, multiple apps/lb vservers behind one cs vserver, or dividing a single apps content into different lb vservers (like static, graphic, other)?


Usually, AppFw profiles are very app specific and if the first cs vserver scenario, appfw might be better "per lb vserver" and in the second handled at the "cs vserver" level. 

Settings in use may also affect this decision. So, what exactly is configured in the appfw profile and do you see specific block violations in the syslog indicating if other things are occurring?



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