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Citrix cloud Daas  - After successful adding machines to MG , machine name is showing as unknow id and registration state as unknow .



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On 9/26/2022 at 3:25 PM, nishanthpro.five said:

Experiencing this reported problem ,  when we are trying to add ( example 3 machines ) into existing MG and after successful creating on the task ,we are seeing machine name is showing as unknow id and registration state as unknow . Anyone had working experiencing with this reported problem on Citrix cloud Daas 



Hi Nishanth, yes this has happend in the past when we were working on a POC, have seen this screenshot earlier, unfortunately this was not taken back to citrix as the machines were deleted and re-created later during production phase, this comes up really rare.. have seen this for 2 machines when we requested for 10 machines from a MCS catalog. These are stale machines, cant really do anything with it, but it does have a computer object created. If there is a ticket with citrix please update here.

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