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VDA Agent 2203 and CU1 doesn't display drive mapping policy

Rosalie Espinosa Llames


We had a recent change (multi-session server 2016 ) to upgrade Citrix VDA agent from 7.15 to 2203. After updating vda agent, the policy for drive redirection did not work for users using the server. It always shows "Server is busy. Please refresh or try again later" in Citrix Director/Monitor. Now the client requested to revert back the vda agent to 7.15 and it shows the drive redirection upon downgrading. 


We checked event viewer and find some errors when the server was on 2203:

"Processing of group policy failed for reason 0x8007002"


We upgrade one server to vda 2203 CU1 and 2206 but issue with policy still there, we didn't have any choice but to downgrade the vda agent back to 7.15.

Now we retain 2 servers for investigation and testing. 

Hope anyone can suggest troubleshooting. Thanks!

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I opened support ticket for this issue to Citrix when this was in beta version but it wasn't noted as a real problem since the support couldn't reproduce it in their environment.

This happens if you have Active Directory OU permissions restricted or changed from default in your environment. This happens with VDA 2203 and later on.
You have to allow read permissions for logging users so they can query the VDA computer objects in AD. If this cannot be done then the client drive mapping and some other policies will fail. In some situation login fails once and for all.

Of course if you have used loopback policies with user settings linked to VDA computer objects this would be ok already... But not in all situations...

Best regards,


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