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Keyboardmapping failure on for ICAClient- (Fedora)) using Wayland display server (german keyboard)

Christian Groove


Dear Sirs

since 2 weeks the language/keyboard mapping from my Fedora-Linxu F36 to a Windows-10 Workstation fails to work.

This only happens, iff i am running a wayland display server, this problem does not occurs, when i select der X11 server.


You may notice this malfunction on the remote Windows-Desktop, that shows suddently the Language indicator in the

taksbar, that changes from time to time between ENG(lish)) and DEU(deutsch=german).  Besides the ALTGR key (mean CTRL+ALT-left)

shows a weired behaviour, because on Windows-Ribbon-Apps the shortcuts will be displayed (for ENG).

The mapping itself is a mad mixture or german and uk/us.


When you run an X11 server instead of  a Wayland display server, than the mapping is fine. So i guess there is something
wrong in the management of the keyboad handling in the ICA-client.

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The solution is to edit the $HOME/.ICAclient/wfclient.ini and force the ICA to accept a Type104 keyboard with a german keymapping:


;    wfclient.ini
;    User configuration for Citrix Workspace for Unix
;    Copyright 1994-2020 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Version = 2
;KeyboardLayout = (User Profile)
KeyboardLayout = German
KeyboardMappingFile = automatic.kbd

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