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sending the app firewall logs to a separate syslog servers in CEF format doesn't work - adc v13.0 87.9

Gijs Lemahieu1709159845




I would like to send all web app firewall logs to an external syslog server, to be able to parse them and tune the configuration based on the logs.

Somehow this doesn't work, but documentation / forums about it are sometimes quite confusing and not very clear


What I've done so far:

  • edited the syslog.conf file : local2.* is now redirected to /var/log/appfw.log instead of iprep.log
  • restarted the syslog process
  • added a syslog action : add audit syslogAction sysact1 <ip> -serverPort <port> -logLevel ALL -logFacility LOCAL2 -userDefinedAuditlog YES
  • added a syslog policy : add audit syslogPolicy syspol1 true sysact1
  • tried to bind this with this command : bind audit syslogGlobal -policyName syspol1 -priority 100 -globalBindType APPFW_GLOBAL
    => this fails becaus APPFW_GLOBAL is not accepted as value, I only have RNAT_GLOBAL, SYSTEM_GLOBAL and VPN_GLOBAL



I noticed that a new global binding type (APPFW_GLOBAL) was introduced in version 13.1 build 12.51 (https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/citrix-adc-release-notes/release-notes-13-1-12-51.html) but sending only the appfw logs to a separate syslog server should also be possible in version 13.0 I think?


Does someone has an idea / solution for this?







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Hi Paul,


I ended up with creating a support ticket.

"APPFW_GLOBAL" was introduced in 13.1 release and this binding is missing from 13.0 or prior releases, citrix documentation (13.0) though, tells to use this binding...



this article is working fine on ADC 13.0 (classic policies).

I've asked the support to update the 13.0 documentation.





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