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Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 - VM Shutdown Issues

Tobias Hüpgen


Hello community,

i'm testing Citrix Hypervisor 82. CU1 at the moment. Two things i wanna ask about VM shutdown behavior.

When I shut down a Windows VM with installed Hypervisor Tools from Windows side, VM's "green light" for power status in XenCenter (8.2.5) doesn't turn yellow anymore whilst shutting down. Furthermore the halted status is displayed right before the power status turns red for power off. Seems to me like a communication issue between Hypervisor and XenCenter? This "bug" shows up with every version of tools (9.1.5, 9.2.1 & 9.3.0)


When using the newest tools (9.3.0) an error in Windows eventlog is prompted when shutting down the VM from Windows side. Error code 7043. Couldn't stop Hypervisor Tools service after preshutdown event.


I tested it on several hardware servers from DELL. Same results.


Any ideas or further information needed?



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I've got a case open about startup and shutdown times, post CU1.   This is when we have hundreds of machines across a large pool of 17 hosts, all powering down / up within a 2 hour period.  Things start to lock up and we see various errors about machine 'state 'running' but was in state 'paused'


Citrix think may be linked to Xentools, and the problem went away for another customer after they patched the hypervisor up to date. 


Do you know what hotfixes you have installed? 

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