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Citrix Workspace on macOS -- how to stop it from automatically launching on login?

Steve Maser1709163568


OK -- I see a couple of people have asked this, but...


Is there a way to stop the Citrix Workspace application from auto-launching on macOS?


This has become a problem when trying to update the application with Munki as even if the GUI app is quit, there are still running processes that are *not* quit and that's not obvious to an end user as to how to quit them -- and that's not great when trying to push this out to multiple systems at once.



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I think this is new with the latest update, as it's only been happening to me the last few days, and I patched earlier this week.  It's highly annoying. I install Workspace purely to be able to launch apps from our storefront website and use a personal Mac. I don't want the Workspace app running every time I log in, certainly not with a big window asking me to enter a url.


Citrix, please respond that you'll sort this. Otherwise, I'll log a ticket with our IT, and you'll be getting a ticket from them, soon enough.


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On 9/12/2022 at 8:00 AM, Pavol Boles said:

Ok this does work....   until you restart.   When I restart the files are all back and I have to do it all over again.  I am not a Mac person, I only use it for work so I really don't know that much about it.  I've removed Citrix as much as I can (It's a nightmare, you just can't uninstall the thing... that's NOT good!) so now I get a popup every day "file not found".  Can somebody at Citrix please help me since it's your product causing the issue?  If it had just uninstalled this would never have happened.  (The original problem was that it wouldn't uninstall because it "was running"... but it wasn't, I had force stopped it.)

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