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Alt-Tab (Option-Tab) on Mac not working properly after 2203 CU1 VDA upgrade

Brian Black


Koi Just upgraded our Server 2019 virtual apps VDA image from 2112 to 2203 CU1 and beginning to test. Found that using Option-Tab on Mac (to send Alt-Tab command to session) no longer works properly if you press and hold the Option key and try to deliberately tap Tab key to cycle through the list of apps in the Citrix session's Windows app-switcher.


When pressing Alt/Option and then tapping Tab, the expected behavior is that the app-switcher would come to foreground and stay there until you stopped pressing Tab and released Alt/Option.


Instead, the app-switcher opens and disappears very quickly, essentially limiting you to switching back and forth between the last two apps. If you hold down Alt/Option and then also hold down Tab, you can send the command fast enough that you can watch the app switcher scroll between the various apps open, all the while the app-switcher is rapidly trying to close/reappear. It is flat-out broken.


This is on an older Intel-based Mac, and the same behavior occurs on Workspace app version 2203, 2204, and 2206.


Has anyone else seen this behavior on a Mac with 2203 VDA?


UPDATE: I tried another Mac of similar vintage (and only able to install CWA version 1908 or so) that did not exhibit this issue. Furthermore, due to some undesirable effects, I disabled the new Shellbridge feature in VDA 2203/2206 I had turned on to test. After this AND rebooting the initial, problematic Mac, I am no longer experiencing the problem, and the in-session Windows app-switcher is behaving normally.  

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