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Special Characters like ' and " won't work on acer chromebooks

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Goodday everyone,


I'm having the problem where for some users some special characters won't work, for example: we can't use ' or ", if we copy this from an old email or a notepad where we saved it earlier it works as expected with copy/paste. 


They're all using a type of acer chromebook, to be specific. 1 Acer 314, 1 Acer 315 and another user with an Acer 317. We also have deployed quite a lot of HP and Asus chromebooks but these don't experience the issue at all.


I read it's a know issue from the https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-workspace-app-for-chrome/about.html site, but does anyone know why it hasn't been solved yet, and if citrix is working on a solution? 


Does anyone have a trick to mitigate the issue other than the copy/paste trick?

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To come back on this issue with the Chromebooks and their special characters. I have seen that it is an know issue (Known issues in 2101.5), and have also read there is a private patch for it. (https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/416524-accents-dont-work-after-upgrade-to-22561/#comment-2091424), can this private patch also be released for us?


We will be looking forward to your answer.


Best regards,


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