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MAM service group's monitor in ADC 13.1 gives Nodes Down althougth they are available

Serveur W




Our MAM service group State is floating from: Partial-Up / Up / Down due to instability of XenMobile Nodes's status (UP & Down) althougth the same nodes are available and are always UP in the MDM service group (same ADC).

We are using the same HTTP monitor for MAM & MDM service groupe: "GET /zdm/login_xdm_uc.jsp". The only difference is the configured protocol (SSL_BRIDGE for MDM) & (SSL for MAM).


When the Node's status is marked Down in MAM virtual server; ADC's system log mention:

MonServiceBinding_@IPofXenMobileNode:443_(MonitorName)(_XM_SVC_GRP_MAM_443?@IPofXenMobileNode?443): DOWN; Last response: Failure - Time out during SSL handshake stage

'server_serviceGroup_NSSVC_SSL_@IPofXenMobileNode:443(_XM_SVC_GRP_MAM_443?@IPofXenMobileNode)' DOWN


and when the two nodes are marked Down by the monitor we get the below message log:

'server_vip_NSSVC_SSL_@IPMAMVirtualServer:8443(_XM_MAM_LB_@IPMAMVirtualServer_8443)' DOWN 
MonServiceBinding_URL:8443_(tcp-default)(vpndbssvc_607427453): DOWN; Last response: Failure - Time out during TCP connection establishment stage 
'server_svc_internal_NSSVC_SSL_URL:8443(vpndbssvc_607427453)' DOWN 


Is there please any recommended monitor for MAM virtual groups?



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