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Connect to xenserver via another port instead of 443

fan zhiyong


Hi, everyone
I  know that the 443 port is used to connect to xenserver from xencenter, but  i have set up a routed network, and the 443 port have been used by  the other application. How  can another port is used to connect to xenserver from xencenter  instead of  port 443.

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I assume you're trying to ingress through a firewall to allow the Windows UI to run on the otherside of the firewall to where the hypervisor is located. Unfortunately you can't change the ports here as redirects would end up sending you the wrong port. Whether you can set a different virtual host on the firewall so that there are two different things exposing 443 based on the specific virtual host that is connected to would depend on the specific firewall system/application and whether it supports doing that.

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