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"A memory range cannot be set because I/O drivers are not installed on this VM."

Paul Savini



i'm new Citrix user.  I have a issue on  Windows 10 VM. Previusly i had try to modify the ammount of used ram on VM and changed the core numbers used in VM from 2 to 4.Once restarted, the VM is no longer booted. I have marked the problem in red. I can't start the VM anymore. Thank's for your help.


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Yea, you are having trouble with the vdi. Sometimes you can just detach/attach the disk and fix it, sometimes you can do a full copy

and get around that error as well.  \var\log\sr.log might give you more info as to what his happening.  If neither of those work a 

host restart might be something else to try.




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