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Display scaling issue





Using Citrix workspace app in 14 in MacBook Pro with notch(M1Pro). With Citrix workspace 2206(Intel) and the Apple silicon Workspace version released today July 11, 2022, whenever  Citrix Viewer opens,  the display resolution drops down below the notch and the 14 inch screen essentially become a 13 screen(loses space beside the notch). When Citrix viewer quits, goes back to full resolution. Only an issue with Ver 2206 (intel) and the Apple silicon version of Workspace released on July 11, 2022 not an issue with the first Apple Silicon Version of Workspace release and 2204(Intel)


I reverted back to 2204.  

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I can confirm this issue.


I guest the new versions of the application have been configured to hardcode the "Scale to fit below built-in camera" setting, which is IMHO not really the right approach. That setting is meant to accommodate legacy applications which are not yet designed to handle the notch properly, not as a solution for new applications which should be designed to properly handle the notch instead.


The new behaviour had me revert to 2204 too.

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As an update, I was using an older version to avoid the notch scaling issue.  Was using either 2203 or 2204. With Ventura, some funny keyboard issue with these older versions(freezes occasionally) 2210(Intel or Apple Silicon) works fine(no keyboard issue), but 2210 has the issue with the display scaling below the notch. 14 inch becomes 13 in.   Hopefully this can be fixed soon. If anyone knows a way to force an app to NOT drop below the notch,  please post.   


The option to "scale below  camera" is absent with 2210 so seems to be an issue with how the app is coded.



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