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Field consistency check failed for field ""


I just run into the exact same issue reported in 2017 in this post which was left unsolved. https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/390909-appfw-appfwfieldconsistency-consistency-check-failed-for-field/

I'm getting a lot of logs of http traffic being blocked because: Field consistency check failed for field ""

As explained on that thread, this happens because the form was generated on the client side using a java script and it doesn't match the form originally sent by the server, however this is expected behaviour of the web app. There is no way to create a relaxation rule for field without a name.

Hopefully in 2022 someone already found the solution and could share it here.


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You have to exempt the page from protection by exempting all fields * for that url if you can narrowly define the page so other pages are still protected.

Or disable the check for the entire site.


Form Field Consistency cannot protect a field generated client side that it doesn't observe.  As a result, you cannot protect that page, if you can't exempt the individual field.  That page because of the client-side java script will have to rely on the backend app protecting against attacks; form field consistency won't be used on that one.

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