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Citrix DaaS Advanced Licenses v Advanced Plus

Christopher Yue


We are now planning to move to Citrix Cloud from on premise for our Server 2019 Desktops users who form the majority (over 100).


I am also looking at getting our Developers (we have 5) set up who will need dedicated one to one Windows 10 Azure Desktops.


Because there is a minimum seat count of 25, could I get away with providing the Developers with a Multi Session Windows 10 Azure workstation but only assign a single dedicated user in the associated Delivery Group to achieve the same thing?


In other words, can I get away with just having Citrix DaaS Advanced licenses to cater for all the above without any disadvantages? Otherwise I am I going to end up with more Plus licenses than I truly need.


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This should work. However, to be safe - you can TradeUp your OnPrem Licenses to Citrix DaaS Advanced and extend for about 5x DaaS Advanced Plus Licenses, as you are able to mix these two Editions in Citrix Cloud. So with DaaS Advanced Plus you get all VDI Features (In case your Win10 AVD "Single Desktop" setup isn't working), too.

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