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Citrix ADM Service no Virtual Servers are seen for license and Analytics under "All Virtual Servers" tab and Analytics config can't be applied.

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I am playing around with the Citrix ADM service Express acount and an unlicensed VPX (Freemium free license version 13.1-24.38) on my Vmware workstation. The first issue I saw that after the ADM discovered my VPX using the built-in agent there were no virtual servers under "All Virtuial Servers", so that I can use my 2 trial licenses for licensing the VS for Analytics. I worked around by creating an application that seemed to trigger discovery and all 3 servers were there seen.  I tried to trigger Rediscover of the ADC Instance but I saw this error "Invalid POST request, payload should start with object=" so creating an Application seems the only workaround for now maybe try to remove or add the VPX ADC instance or move it to Unmanage then Manage could help but will see about that ?






Now the second issue is that when I license and try to apply the Analytics config I see the following error :








Just as a note I have not enabled any inbound connections from the Citrix ADM Cloud Service to my Citrix ADC built-in agent but most things seem to work as it seems the agent initiates the connections to the ADM service as I have no issue to push StyleBooks or Configuration Jobs, so should I enable any inbound connections from the Citrix Cloud on my home router to solve this issue or there is no need?



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I checked the Citrix VPX ns.log and saw that when using the ADM tries to create app_flow collector with ip address it is not created as the IP address is shown as invalid. For some reason the ADM logs showed the app_flow policy not existing as an issue and not error seen in the VPX logs about the app_flow collector that is before that as it is normal that when the app_flow collector is not created then the app_flow action and after that the app_flow policy will not be created and will not exist ? . It seems an issue with the built-in agent on the Citrix ADC VPX as just is not accepted. When I deployeed an ESXI agent on the Vmware and used it not the build-in one there were no issues as the app_flow collector IP address that will be configured on the VPX will be the external agent IP address.



There was another issue with the external agent that the nsaaad service does not start after the ADM uutomatically upgrades the agent  but removing and again adding the agent fixes this issue and the agent is already upgraded, so it will not be upgraded again. Now also the virtual server disovery works better than with the build-in agent.

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Just a quick follow-up on this post. Had the same issue and had no idea how to fix it. After some talk with Citrix technical support the features that you and I have been trying to enable is not supported useing the built-in agent




NetScaler ADM supports management and monitoring of NetScaler instances using built-in agents. However, the following features are not supported in the built-in agent:

  • Application dashboard
  • Web Insight
  • SSL insight
  • HDX insight
  • Gateway insight
  • Security insight
  • Advanced analytics
  • Pooled licensing
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