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Disable close button X in the session window

Ronald Rambo


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I don't want to toot my own horn.. but, I am the coolest geek in the Midwest. I just found this post about Appscape utility program and also had the same issue as the rest of you with the PN.exe.... Some of you may notice the newer ICA clients point to PN.exe not the wfica32.exe. Anyway!!

Open this file with NOTEPAD:
Yes after installing the Appscape utility.

Change the "TWO" entries for WFICA32.EXE to pn.exe. Re-enable the control panel applet.. That is it, done!

Now, for the record...! This is the kind of info people are looking for on these posts. Please post with "HELPFUL" information. I'm sorry for being a ****.. I just find it a little annoying when I have to search through 100 posts to find 1 helpful post.

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This "X" situation is driving me crazy. I cannot believe that I need to install a seperate application on the citrix server to disable the "X" from the published desktop.
Citrix should put something in the CMC when setting up a deployable desktop or app that allows the admin to disable the "X".

Just great I have to go intstall more "stuff" that is going to overly customize my farm. More admin work for me!!!!!! YIPPY!!!!!!!!

Way to go Citrix!

Concerned Citrix Systems Engineer

Their has to be an INI file or something that each published app creates on the server that you can go in and modify to change this ridiculous oversight.

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On 7/16/2009 at 6:26 AM, Mike Spohn said:

I am sorry to resurrect an old thread! This is the only thread I found on this subject.

Has Citrix implemented a better solution yet for disabling the close button? We are using web client 11.0 with PS4.5.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Does the application I wrote look like it might work for you?


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On 1/10/2004 at 1:20 PM, Ronald Rambo said:

Is there a command line switch or some other way to disable the Close button (X) in the upper righthand corner of the session window with the Win32 Client ver 6.3 program neighborhood. I only want the users to terminate the session through the logout option of the start button of the window.




I have an application that might work for you:



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