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No device license warning

Peter Kochanek


We are running Citrix provisioning server 2203 and Citrix 11.17 licensing server. On the desktop of several computers in our lab an error pops up stating “No device license is currently available for this computer. A system shutdown will be initiated in 720 hours”. Even though this error pops up on the desktops, the license server shows 0/120(in use/installed).

Things we already tried:

Checked software versions on both the provisioning and licensing servers.

Rebooted both servers.

Checked target version.


Any help will be much appreciated.

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What is the environment where CVAD, the PVS servers and the PVS targets are running? Did you validate the licensing when you ran the Config Wizard after installing the PVS server(s)?

A problem report from the PVS server would allow us to see why the PVS server is reporting these as unlicensed.



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Does the PVS Farm properties point to a current Citrix License Server?   Yes

PVS 2203 needs the newest License Server.   Citrix 11.17 licensing server is installed

What is the environment where CVAD, the PVS servers and the PVS targets are running? Active directory environment. The PVS and licensing server are on the same subnet.

Did you validate the licensing when you ran the Config Wizard after installing the PVS server(s)? Yes. The event viewer  shows event ID:100 "Successfully contacted Citrix license server"Servername"."  I also get event ID:107 "Licensing grace period expired"


The licensing server shows the license as"

Total Installed: 60

Overdraft: 0

In Use: 0

Available: 60

Expiration Date: Permanent


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