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2-factor-authentication for cis.citrix.com with notebook/desktop?

Reneacute Genz


Is it possible to use 2-factor-authentication at https://cis.citrix.com without smartphone/tablet, i.e. using a notebook or desktop computer running the GNU/Linux distribution Fedora? Would it be possible with other operating systems on a notebook/desktop computer?



I was asked by Citrix support to upload files to cis.citrix.com (case 81110411). After logging in to cis.citrix.com I was asked to enroll in 2-factor-authentication. The documentation:
offers to use computers or mobile device, but step 3 of the enrollment process
Download an authenticator app
1. Go to your phone's app store.
2. Search for "authenticator App."
3. Download an app of your choosing.
Because I do not have a smartphone or a tablet, only notebooks and desktop computers running GNU/Linux (Fedora), and I do not know how to solve this, I could not continue. I cancelled the enrollment.


In the Citrix ticket I asked for pointers. Answer:


It requires a smartphone or tablet to setup the MFA.
I do not see an option to do this using Notebook or Desktop.

You could open a ticket with Citrix Cloud as product to get more assistance on this.



Because https://support.citrix.com/case/manage  greets me with "This content is restricted. ..." I cannot create a ticket, hence post here.

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By October 1st 2022 multi-factor authentication (MFA) will become a mandatory requirement for all Citrix customers when logging into any Citrix property (e.g. citrix.com/account, success.citrix.com, support.citrix.com, etc.). After this date, you will be required to use a time-based, one-time password (TOTP) on a secondary device for additional verification purposes.


I found "Authenticator" https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.belmoussaoui.Authenticator . I enrolled with it in MFA with my notebook. It works flawlessly.

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