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Error when login to Citrix Gateway

Zulhadi Zainal


Hi all.. I need advise on below issue that frequent happened in my customer. Some of them sometime not able to login to citrix gateway due on error "try again after some time or contact your help desk". For this issue, can anyone guide me if i want to proceed with troubleshooting, which area or component that i need to check for this issue? is it from ADC? Please advise as i'm quite new in Citrix



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On 4/12/2022 at 1:18 AM, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



Your authentication fails, how did you configure your authentication on the gateway? 

Looks like there is a timeout between the gateway and your authentication  (AD and MFA). 


Please give some more details about the Authentication methods you use.

Hi sir,


My authentication using 2FA which is authentication from AD and also token citrix SSO. I just run shell command aaad,debug in module in ADC and saw this error stated in the log when as the user try login back to citrix gateway. But I'm not sure about this.. Can you advise? As I check with customer who manage the ID user in AD, he said user ID already created and visible in the AD






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2 hours ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



You mention : Login back. Do you mean the first login it works and after some time the session is logged out on the gateway and then the issue happens?


Hi Sir,


Yes sir.. this is not first time user login. Previously user login, user can login successfully without any issue. When she try to login back the next day, it have an issue to login. Based on aaad.debug, that only info that I saw. 

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