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VMware to Xencenter Template Issues



Hi all,

I've recently been tasked with creating a new vdisk image for our VDI enviroment.  The current vdisk was built by someone no longer here so we're kinda flying blind in this process right now learning as we go.  Hopefully we're going about this the right way and just missing a few steps at the end.

I've been following through Carl''s guide here: https://www.carlstalhood.com/provisioning-services/

So far we've been able to create a new Window 10 "Master Device" in Vmware Vpshere.  I was then able to use to the Citrix Provisioning tool to pull that VMware machine into PVS as a new Vdisk and get the VMware VM to boot off that new vdisk.  The part I'm having trouble with now is creating a template in Xencenter to use for the creating of Target Devices on the Citrix Xencenter.


In our current environment, if I needed to add more VDI VMs to Xencenter, in PVS console I'd use the "Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup Wizard" where I could pick an existing template to create the machines from.   So I'm trying to now get that machine in VMware turned into a Xencenter Template

I've tried export an OVF from VMware of the machine and importing to Xencenter, but doing bootup the machine blue screens and reboots in an endless loop.

During the OVF Import, I do get these messages.

I've been clicking continue here.  

There's also a "Operating System Fixup" option that I'm not familiar with. So far I've been selecting "Don't Use". I'm wondering if I do need to use this, but I'm not sure what this Fixup ISO it's wanting to be selected is as it's also asking to create a new ISO Library.

So to sum up:

1) Am I headed in the right direction with this process to get a new Citrix vdisk created and eventually new VDI VM's to boot off it?

2) Is this Operating System Fixup ISO something to download or is generated somewhere?

Thank you,

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